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Afternoon Shift | Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber and president ...

We talk with Pitchfork Founder and CEO Ryan Schreiber and President Chris Kaskie about the development of the festival and they share their picks for new artists performing this year.

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Aldermen respond to Emanuel's marijuana ticket idea - WBEZ

Alderman Ed Burke has said he needs more details before he would agree to support Mayor Rahm Emanuel's call to partially decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

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Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis - WBEZ

It’s a turning point in the tenure of Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis. His contract expires on March 1. That comes just a week after Chicago’s mayoral election.

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City Council Police and Fire Committee chairman Alderman Beale ...

Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale, chair of the Council’s Committee on Police and Fire, said Monday on "Eight Forty-Eight" that “resource reallocation” is coming “right after January” to the Chicago Police Department.The 9th ward alderman told guest host Jason Ma

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City lawyers: Daley to give deposition on torture case - WBEZ

Lawyers for the former Chicago Mayor say Richard M. Daley will testify under oath about what he knew regarding a Chicago Police torture scandal.

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Daley staying mum on Burge scandal - WBEZ

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is refusing to answer questions about the Jon Burge torture scandal.

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Invasive Species: Understanding the Asian Carp Threat - WBEZ

Ever since humans first set sail on the high seas, we've been moving plants and animals around and introducing them to new environments. Globalization vastly sped up the process. The arrival of non-native species often unleashes a chain of unintended consequences, with winners and losers.

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Jim DeRogatis answers your questions about anything - WBEZ

 Listen to Jim DeRogatis on 848120215 DeRo.mp3Jim DeRogatis, WBEZ blogger and Sound Opinions

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Mayoral contenders could try to check Ed Burke's power - WBEZ

The power held by Chicago Ald. Ed Burke is being questioned by some candidates for mayor.

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Mayor Daley's optional $1.1 million retirement fund - WBEZ

Outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has more than a million dollars in his campaign account. When he retires, he can take all of it with him for personal use. The mayor is not saying if he will, but it would be perfectly legal if he does.

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No Asian carp found during four-day fishing trip - WBEZ

The most recent search for Asian carp in Lake Calumet has come to a close, and officials say they didn't catch a single carp.


Pitchfork Day 1: Robyn, Broken Social Scene, and Modest Mouse

Robyn at Pitchfork Music Festival (Photo by Kate Gardiner/NewsHour)  The first serious signs of life on day one of Pitchfork 2010 came courtesy of the 31-year-old native of Stockholm, Sweden, Robin Miriam Carlsson, better known simply as the dance-pop artist Robyn.


Pitchfork Day 2: Wolf Parade, Panda Bear, and LCD Soundsystem

(photo by Kate Gardiner/NewsHour)Day two ended with the uneven mix of a few highs and a whole lot of lows that has characterized the fifth (or sixth) annual Pitchfork Music Festival, the weakest to date -- though there's still the hope that day three will redeem 2010 tomorrow.


Pitchfork Day 3: Beach House, Lightning Bolt, and St. Vincent - WBEZ

 If it's this sleepy next year, I'm blogging from the pool (photo by Kate Gardiner/NewsHour) By mid-afternoon, it was time for more mellow as Beach House, the ethereal duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, played a wispy, dreamy set of songs that functioned as intimate pillow