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Applebee's Obamacare Recoil, Super Senior Fee - HuffPost Live

Jacob & Janet discuss today's top stories with community, including the Applebee's controversy, higher tuition for super-seniors, and a robot wanting to steal your job.

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Chicago Pride Parade 2009, In Pictures (SLIDESHOW)

Nearly 500,000 people jammed Boystown Sunday for the 40th Pride Parade. Here's a slideshow of some of the marchers, spectators, politicians and activists that made the scene.

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Facebook Subscribe Suggestions: 50 People In Media To Follow

Facebook has an interesting feature called Subscribe, which allows you to follow someone's public posts even if you're not friends. Many members of the media are taking advantage of this, sharing both personal updates and breaking news.

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Mashable and SPUN Founders Talk Media - HuffPost Live

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore and SPUN co-founder Scott Lindenbaum discuss the ways in which technology is changing media consumption.

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Men Undergo Simulated Labor Contractions - HuffPost Live

Two Dutch television hosts chose to experience simulated labor contractions. They used electro-stimulations on their abdomen to experience the distress of child birth.

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Mocking The World Isn't Gonna Change It - HuffPost Live

If long-form political satire doesn't suit you, maybe #MuslimRage and #SorryFeminists will. But is mocking the news becoming the default lazy form of activism?

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Natasha Tynes: Training Journalists Got Me Five Years in Egyptian ...

Right after I read the news (on Twitter of all places) that I had been sentenced to five years in prison in Egypt, I rushed to give my 19-month-old daughter a fever reducer as she had been battling a nasty virus. My crime? In a nutshell: Teaching Egyptian journalists how to tweet.

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Rand Paul Warns Chris Christie About GOP Primary - HuffPost Live

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's criticism of the NRA and of the Sandy disaster relief will hurt him in the 2016 GOP primary.

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The Latest From The Sundance Film Festival - HuffPost Live

Alicia talks to HuffPost Executive Arts and Entertainment Editor Mike Hogan plus some special guests about the latest from the Sundance Film Festival.